Prime Minister H.e. Tayyip Erdoğan's Message On The Occasion Of Europe Day, 09 May 2011

Brüksel Büyükelçiliği 09.05.2011

Following the Second World War, the European integration process, which has had a place in the European thought for centuries, has enabled the peoples of Europe to establish a common future around universal values such as democracy, human rights, the rule of law and free market economy. Today the Union which evolved from the European Coal and Steel Community has created a prosperity and stability zone that secures the welfare of the peoples of Europe in a vast geography.


As an eminent member of the European family, Turkey has made important contribution for centuries to the peace and stability on the continent. As a matter of fact, Turkey is present in all major European institutions, the Council of Europe being in the first place, and plays important role in the construction of our common future.


The accession process with the EU that has started in 2005 has elevated half-a-century old Turkey-EU relations to a further level and comprehensive reforms have been implemented thanks to our people’s support to the process. In line with the framework of the negotiation process, Turkey will continue to fulfil its responsibilities with resolve and determination.


The integration of Europe is not complete yet. The European Union which has emerged as a peace and civilisation project has gained dynamism with each new enlargement wave and strengthened its capacity to cope with global challenges during its historical evolution. Accession of Turkey to the EU will strengthen the Union in real terms and will provide the Union an opportunity to extend the universal values it is based on to a wider geography.


I am convinced that the EU will remove the difficulties that we occasionally face during our negotiation process with a foresight inspired by the deep-rooted relations between Turkey and the EU.


I would like to congratulate this meaningful day of my citizens and the peoples of Europe, with the confidence that Turkey will complete the negotiation process through constructive contributions of the Member States and the EU institutions as well as the support of the peoples of Europe, and that Turkey will attain its well-deserved place in the Union.